Analog Mutant Radio vol 1

Analog Mutant radio vol 1 has been posted for FREE download on

Chants to the bodhisattva Padmasambhava, psychedelic guitars, even Aleister Crowley makes an appearance!

And every song was inspired by Grand Rapids. All of it was written and recorded using simple methods. A MacBook Pro, a few guitars, a Tascam digital 8 track and a lot of coffee was about all I needed to make these 11 tracks.

I wrote these songs at the GRPL, Mad Cap Coffee, The Bitter End, and Sparrows Newstand and Tea while enjoying my summer in Grand Rapids. Watching the city around me going through its daily routine, busy people living busy lives, summer in this city is a fun experience.

I hope you enjoy the music. Let me know what you think of it. I would love the feedback. Maybe I could even make an album for you?


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