repost- The Small Show

The Small Show was an exhibit thrown in March 2009 by Montcalm Area Association of Artists and was held in their gallery located on the 2nd level of Jerry’s Paint Store in Greenville, MI. It featured art in smaller sized formats that were more affordable to the casual art enthiusist. Art in multiple mediums were present for viewing and sale by the general public. Some of the local artists in attendance were Bev Adams who creates very life-like pieces in oils and acrylic, Linda HopkinsLaurie Lehman who does lots of nature based scenes in watercolors and photography, Debbie BellEston Kingwho is a notorious rebel artist in Greenville, Ed Kloote is known for his bold abstract expressionismPhyllis Painter,andTerry Walsworth who is renowned for his sculpture work in wood.

Several well known local musicians, some of whom were also artists featured in the show, were in attendance and formed a round robin type of atmosphere with the frequent trading turns at leading the group in the songs. It was a swank little soirée with drinks and snacks and a chance to meet the people who pretty much constitute the majority of the established musicians and artists in Greenville. This group of musicians meet semi-regularly in and around Greenville at various jam sessions, recording sessions,  and small gigs. They genuinely seem to have a strong repertoire working with each other, improvising off of one another and generally having a good time in the process.

The Small Show generated quite a buzz in Greenville, despite the local media dropping the ball on the story, as well as the preceding publicity of the event. That just goes to show that your “local” media may spend a lot of time and money in advertising to try and convince the public that they are all about supporting the community, but many times the story changes when they have the opportunity to actually DO something for the community. That should be the lesson taken away from the Small Show; that local people acting in local interests can create something good for the community to share in. That we can all make our own communities better by doing something ourselves.


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