Casino Jack and the United States of Money

CASINO JACK AND THE UNITED STATES OF MONEY is a 120 minute documentary starring a veritable dream roster of the elite super-criminals and/or movers-n-shakers of Washington DC. In the central role is the infamous Jack Abramoff, “the most influential lobbyist in Washington”, whose humble beginnings as a radical campus revolutionary for the college aged republican movement (think Michael P. Keaton) laid the groundwork for a prolific career in political manipulation.

The cast of characters predictably paint themselves as patriots and honest business men as the story unfolds with details of shady dealings with tribal casino legislation, profiting from Chinese sweatshop labor, vague dealings with Russian organized crime, and more.  The plot examines how Tom Delay, who was at one time the most powerful congressman on the hill, greased the way for Jack to play. And play Jack did.

The Washington Post helps trigger the eventual downfall of this three ring circus we call the representative and legislative branches of our political system, verdicts come down, the occasional fall guy is sacrificed, and Tom Delay goes on “Dancing with the Stars”.  Only in America!

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Pro: The story is well presented, and humorous at times. Some of the facts uncovered in the investigation of facts are truly shocking and eye opening. The footage of a skinny, longhaired Karl Rove is priceless.

Con: Seeing Tom Delay dance suggestively to “Wild Thing



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