sustainable entertainment pt 1

Sustainable Entertainment Part I: UICA

Of the many reasons that my wife Jewly and I finally made the move to Grand Rapids, the multitude of options for entertainment was a major factor. The rewards of the vast quantity of choices for a night out on the town, and the convenience of living near where all of these exciting things are happening quickly became apparent. All of the fun things we found ourselves doing on a regular basis made all the hassle of moving into a new place more than worth the effort. Then reality hit. We both lost our jobs within in a few weeks of each other.

While some of the events and classes at the UICA cost a modest amount of money, and the films are a reasonable price ($7 after 5:30PM for Non-Member is the highest price), we have frequently visited the UICA for free. We usually try to leave a little something in the donations box to show our appreciation whenever we visit. Supporting emerging artists, and giving local artists a venue to share their creativity is important. Having a place to take our kids and show them the value of art is important to us also.  For these reasons Jewly and I have chosen to highlight the UICA in the first of our series of stories on Sustainable Entertainment.


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