GRCC-Salvation Army Fashion Show by Jewly Warren- the Rapidian- repost

Every year, each American sends 68 pounds of clothing to a landfill. The average annual household spends  $1,760 on new clothing according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  When a culture has such an emphasis on being “in,” it can be hard on someone with a green conscience, and their wallets.  A group of students from Grand Rapids Community College have proven secondhand can be the answer.  Thursday night, the Fashion Show Production Class from Grand Rapids Community College showed shoppers how trendy it is to shop at the Salvation Army.

It was standing room only at this year’s fashion show/fundraiser featuring current fashions found  at the Salvation Army for women and men.  Love, Fashion: A Love Inspired Fashion Show, was the theme of the night. The students were responsible for the theme selection, stage design, model selection, wardrobe selection, hair and makeup interpretation and marketing and promotion of the show.

The show demonstrated hot spring looks that look playfully at all aspects of love, while boosting awareness of the Salvation Army’s charitable efforts. The Salvation Army uses profits from the sale of donated merchandise to fund programs that help people rehabilitate from drug and alcohol addictions. The Salvation Army operates a 115-bed adult rehabilitation center in Grand Rapids. Residents voluntarily admit themselves to the six-month program.   Major Cecilia D. Senn – Administrator of the Grand Rapids Adult Rehabilitation Center was at the door greeting the customers with cookies and punch and later spoke to the crowd about the rehabilitation center.

To encourage generous donations and a fun filled shopping night, guests were entered into a prize drawing. The G.R.C.C. students assisted customer’s with their shopping after the show. Many people I spoke with were inspired to shop at the Salvation Army more often.  If you were inspired by this story, stop in The Salvation Army located at 1491 S. Division Ave. in Grand Rapids or visit the Salvation Army’s website at


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