the Art of Analog Mutant – Poisonous

Poisonous is one of my favorite pieces that I have created. It is made mostly out of National Geographic magazines late one night at the Bitter End in Grand Rapids, MI.

Poisonous contains a lot of my recurring visual themes/obsessions… clocks, eyes, devils.

To start, I manipulated a          picture of a skeleton in a museum display. I cut him out from the scene, and tok some liberties with the obscured areas (basically  everything below his elbow) by giving him a deformed sense of proportion, and mutated devil legs. I also added in an intimidating phallus for shock value. The sinister nature of the central figure carries an impish twist as he gleefully sets about his task of poisoning the hearts of mankind

The proverbial apple from the garden of Eden adds a sense of temptation intertwined with the obvious moral implications of toxic sin.

The prehistoric fish from the briny depths adds a hint of savage bestial danger in his role as the devil’s familiar. The watch face in the background ticks of the remaining moments of the devil’s unwitting victims.


About analogmutant

art, music, food, movies, citizen journalism, activism, and whatever else i am into at the moment...
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