New Show: Amorphous Rebel – the art of Scott Warren

I am the Artist of the Month at the Greenville Area Community Center for August 2010. Below is my bio that I provided for the show.
I also wrote a song to go with the show. The art from this show and other pieces I have in reserve will be featured in a video i am putting together for the future.

Mad Cap Groove

Amorphous Rebel – the art of Scott Warren
My name is Scott Warren,and I specialize in the art of collage. Materials taken from recycled magazines, advertising flyers, books, antique style wallpaper, small plastic army men, barbed wire fencing,  and even pieces from broken alarm clocks have found their way into my art.

time and direction by Scott Warren

I really enjoy manipulating the different types of paper materials I incorporate into my art. The textures of old magazines compared to newer styles of paper are really interesting. And the different ways that I can alter a visual image to suit my vision really appeals to me. I can cut out a picture from a Time magazine from 2010, alter it slightly, and assemble it together with pieces of a 1940’s era Look magazine and create a whole new visual concept to share with people.
The ability to deconstruct visual images, and reassemble them into new ideas with intricate meanings really appeals to me on an existential level. To take static concepts and rearrange them into dynamic new modalities.

Spider by Scott Warren

The unifying theme of my visual art is the concept of recycling.
Not only do I recycle visual images and concepts into new ideas, I recycle the physical materials that I incorporate into my art. I buy old magazines, my frames come from resale shops, I use found items. I resist buying new materials whenever I can.

Human Consciousness TRANSITORY

Buying cheap imported items from overseas doesn’t add anything to our economy, and only further encourages factories to make more junk for the consumer to buy. It also helps me keep the prices of my art at a reasonable level. I would rather sell 20 pieces of art for $25 than sell one piece of art for $1000. People enjoying my art, giving it a home where it will be viewed and appreciated is what I consider the REAL payment an artist gets from his/her work.
Scott Warren

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