the Really Really Free Market August 2010

Sunday August 1st brought about the Really Really Free Market at Fuller St & Wealthy St in Grand Rapids, MI. I just had to share with my friends the exciting little get-together that the Really Really Free Market is. This time I made sure to bring along the trusty camera to document the event.

Held on the first Sunday of the month, local residents bring whatever household items that they no longer need, but would like to know that someone else could still get some use from.

Clothes, shoes, books, tools, and even some food has been seen on the 2 visits that I have made so far.

Not just items, but services, ideas, and even entertainment!

I have seen free bike repair service available. Leaflets and flyers on different subjects distributed by local activists. Some kids showing others how to make a sling (think David & Goliath) out of scrounged materials, and even a local celebrity appearance by “that guy with the crazy mustache who plays music on Wealthy St” (that’s my name for him) featuring his psychedelic mountain dulcimer strumming.

As the mountain dulcimer rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” drifted over our heads, we surveyed the mounds of free items up for grabs. All kinds of people showed up. A little old lady carried in a window mounted AC unit for offer. A couple of kids picked through the toys, looking for that perfect treasure to take home. Some hard-core tie-dye hippies strolled over to the lot to see what was on today’s menu. A few clean-cut young men wearing ties, a mom with her shy little girl, a few neighborhood hipsters.

As I left the Really Really Free Market with my treasure under my arm (a huge book of wall paper samples I will use for collages!) I admired the signs of the guerrilla gardening trimming the lot. Sunflowers, marigolds, homemade flower pots that line the corner of the lot all added a neat little touch that gave the event that little extra hint of bohemian charm.

Make sure to check out the Really Really Free Market on Facebook.


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2 Responses to the Really Really Free Market August 2010

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  2. Mandi says:

    This is awesome!
    Thanks For documenting!

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