josiah gentry – repost

I met Josiah Gentry when we played a gig together for Dillenbeck’s (Coffee House) last day of business. I had seen his myspace and was really digging on his sound. I was kind of thrown off guard when I met him, he’s much younger than his music lets on. Not just the lyrical content, but the way he puts the songs together verbally, the way he executes his guitar playing, his chord progressions… all point to mature way of thinking about what it takes to really make a good song.

Jewly and I were putting on shows in the Greenville area and had Josiah come out and play some of these.  Two of the shows were for our Earth Day 2009 Festival we put together. I made some videos of Josiah from some of these shows and have included them here for you to view.

Josiah also runs his very own indie recording studio, Piece By Peace Recording. He has recorded several local artists, and has a very accommodating attitude about what their mission is. They simply want to get great music recorded. If you’re a local musician then take a look and see what Josiah can do for you.

The first video is “G.R. Rockstar”, his tribute to all of  the aspiring musicians doing their thing in Grand Rapids.

The 2nd video is “Your Ex Best Friend”, a song about a complicated relationship where the protagonist is in love with his ex-girlfriend’s best friend…can you say “awkward”???

Video #3 is about the Greenville Earth Day Art and Music Festival that Jewly and I produced in 2009. Josiah is featured in a short segment playing his music during one of his two sets that he played that day. He graciously stepped up to fill an empty slot left by an absentee band(damn musicians!)


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