Captain Bizzarro’s Treasure World

A recent trip to Leonard St on GR’s West Side brought about a fun new discovery; Captain Bizzaro’s Treasure World.

Capt. Bizzaro's Treasure World

With a name like that, how the hell could we NOT go in?

So I popped the lens cap off and hit record as my wife Jewly and I strolled across the street to investigate this alleged world of treasure for ourselves.

Custom Made Goggles using items from Capt. Bizarro's

Old school vinyl, vintage radios, handmade jewelry, and one of those crazy tandem bikes were all waiting for our arrival.

We were greeted by Tim, the owner of Capt. Bizzaro’s, decked out in a Green Lantern t-shirt and matching Chuck Taylor’s. I knew right away that we were dealing a serious pop culture junkie with a keen sense of all things kitsch.

As Tim gave us the grand tour of the shop, and a brief history of his tenure as a local business owner in the neighborhood, several local kids browsed through the latest goods in stock. One of them was admiring the Terminator figurine in a nearby display case, as another tried out a colorful sombrero accessorized by one of those giant polyurethane “Hulk Hands”.

Neighborhood kids scoping out the goods at Capt. Bizzarro's Treasure World

Another frequent visitor came in to show off his new goggles fashioned from items purchased earlier in the week. The animated James Brown doll demonstrated why the man was truly “the hardest working man in show business” for our amusement as Tim stepped out back to tend the BBQ he had going on for some neighborhood friends.

We scored some National Geographic magazines for our collage art before heading out to our next destination for the afternoon. We came back a week later to discuss selling some of our art in the store, which Jewly started doing already. I will have some of mine in there after I get back the collection I have on display currently for my Artist of the Month show for Aug 2010.

Scott August 2010


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