Habitat For Humanity – Montcalm County – repost

In September 2009 i took the opportunity to join some volunteers with the company i worked for to donate a day of my work to benefit Habitat for Humanity in Montcalm County. It didn’t really take a lot of skill, basic caulking and some dexterous manipulation of a cordless drill was about the extent of it, but it was a rewarding experience nonetheless.

I brought my camera along to capture a little bit of the day’s efforts and hopped on my bike to navigate my way across the city of Greenville to find the construction site. I liked that i was going green by taking the bike to help out local families. It felt kind of good knowing that i was able to combine multiple activities i value into one action.

I learned a little bit about the values HFH places in the work they do…. They were striving to achieve LEED Certification with this new build, as well as other homes in progress. Environmentally sustainable building practices, along with the latest in safety innovations (GFI outlets with spark arrestors were installed in the utility room!) were being showcased throughout the home.

I was even introduced to a woman and her two daughters that were the occupants of a recently built HFH home in the neighborhood. It was kind of nice to see the workers all stop what they were doing and talk to the family, catching up on the latest news, asking the girls about how school was going, showing off the progress of the house since the last visit.

After the day was over, i reflected on how much i was able to invest into my community with a mere 8 hours of my time. HFH utilized sustainable building practices, a previously derelict plot of land in the neighborhood is now a home, and a family in need is going to get a great new home that won’t cost a bunch of money to heat in the winter.


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