Jay Wesley

My next music review for WYCE 88.1FM is on local musician Jay Wesley

Recorded in 2010 in “mobile studio locations” near Tuscon AZ, and in Grand Rapids MI, Spoke on a Wheel, with vocals and most instruments played by Jay Wesley, is an interesting listening experience. Recorded with an almost “low-fi” feeling, many tracks on this cd invoke comparisons to Beck for the chord progressions, as well as the  lazy, disconnected feel of the vocals. Much of the guitar work on this cd is reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. in style and sound. Sometimes a little transcendental, more often the disc is a little chaotic and slightly off kilter (in a good way)

Best Tracks: #8 Wasabi West, #7 Too Much For Sane, #1 Bicycle, #2 SoTracks on the FCC Naughty List: NONE

Other points of interest:

10% of the proceeds for Spoke on a Wheel go to worldbicyclerelief.org with the goal of “providing access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles

Who would like this disc: Fans of Beck, Dinosaur Jr., Lou Reed. People who like their music “not too polished” . People into bicycling and social activism


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