Green Food Bluegrass – repost

My wife Jewly and I attended the Green Food, Bluegrass music festival at the Felt Mansion near Saugatuck MI on Sunday July 19th. Presented by The West Michigan Co-op farmers, 24 farmers, restaurants, and other producers are in this cooperative  located in West Michigan. Lots of locally grown and produced foods and even beers by local New Holland Brewing Co and Saugatuck Brewing Co. represented.

Full CordWho Hit John?Nobody’s Darlin’Ruth & Max Bloomquist BandDetour , and for the first time since 1980… Cabbage Crik played some of the West Michigan bluegrass music to be found.

All of this great food and music with a local twist was an event desinged to benefit the Felt Mansion, which has a remarkable story you should check out for yourself @ Free tours of the mansion were part of the festival, which was held on the gently rolling hillside behind the mansion.   We shot some beautiful pictures of the grounds, admired the majesty of this dignified mansion that was being painstakingly restored by a great group of volunteers, and munched on some pretty interesting local foods before we wandered down to the stage to see Nobody’s Darlin’.


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  2. AnTiViRuS says:

    keep it real, iight

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