We ran into Badenya (pronounced Bah – Den- Yah) at Festival of the Arts 2010. Being adrum ensemble, they stood out from the rock, rap, blues, and country acts playing at the popular summer festival in down town Grand Rapids. They were so awesome that we made some video of them.

Soon afterwards, we ran into Deb at Sparrows Tea & Newstand on Wealthy St. She told us a little bit about the band, and was happy to see the vids we had made. She struck us as a genuinely cool individual.

I ran into Matt Jarrells at the WYCE station in GR this week, and he mentioned that the band was playing at the Fall Festival on Wealthy St. Since we were heading there to check out the happenings, we made it a priority to see Badenya.

EVERYBODY was there! Rick Beerhorst and family with the Wonder Wagon. Mike Hoyt and his trusty sidekick Diesel were helping Rick promote for the Artprize entry of Plan B. A bunch of people from The Litribune were hanging out as well.

It was really quite impressive to hear Badenya, their sound is so palpable. You really feel the drums pulse through your body. Being sandwiched in between 2 brick buildings like that only amplified the sounds! It really was an intense experience. See them for yourself as soon as you can.


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