Artprize artist Michael Mayosky gives birds eye view of his Five Story Mural

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Over night a large amount of artists installations have started to pop up all over the city.  In all there will be 1713 artists that have secured a venue in Artprize 2010 with 192 venues participating.  Last year, the first annual artprize competition, there were 1262 artists from 41 states and 14 countries with 159 venues participating.  I have seen many large scale murals unfolding throughout the city this year. One of these extremely talented artists is Michael Mayosky. You may have seen him throughout Grand Rapids performance painting on a spinning easel alongside local musical groups. “These smaller paintings are a chance for me to get a feel of the people, places, and vibes of the city.” Mayosky will take this energy and is now putting it into a five story mural on the north-facing wall of Goodspeed lofts on Grandville and Cherry St.

meditation on life without time by michael mayosky

I heard about the artist by one of the musical performers, Hannah Rose-Graves of Hannah Rose and the Graves-Tones.  She invited me to come meet Mayosky and see him in action as she and her band performed.  It was also my first time seeing Hannah Rose perform.  This girl has a set of pipes!

When I arrived I was greeted by a very enthisiastic artist covered in RepcoLite paint.  He said he just found out it will cost $6,000 for the paint alone.  He was very happy when RepcoLite, a locally owned paint company, donated all the paint for the project.   As we viewed this massive wall Mayosky explained “It will contain reflections of the region, people, elements, and potential of Grand Rapids as I experience them this summer. These impressions I will use to create a window into today’s G. R. for residents and visitors in the future.”  The title is “Meditation of Life Without Time”.

This K.C., MO, native is a quite accomplished self-taught mural artist.  For the last 16 years Mayosky has traveled across the country painting murals and conducting performance art.  His murals are in homes, restaurants, waterparks, shops, and on alley walls and building exteriors.  “Painting is the first thing that felt right for me. At age two I knew I wanted to make a mess on a wall. Murals tell of a shared history and a shared imagination. Histories unearthed for public pondering are my specialty. Much of our reverence for history comes from murals by past civilizations. I am honored and blessed to be brush and paint for today’s world. To see life from the scaffolding, and to imagine others looking through my murals into another time and place, is deeply inspiring.”

michael mayosky interviewed by Analog Mutant/Jewly 5 stories above Grand Rapids MI

Mayosky invited me to take a ride on the boom for a better look at his work.  As we began to rise to five stories, the view of the city and the mural were breathtaking.  As an artist myself, it was quite overwhelming to see the mural from this perspective.  I could never imagine taking on a project this large.  Mayoski will complete it in only 11 days!


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Jewly Warren is a full-time Massage Therapist, part-time Culinary Mad Scientist, Starving Artist, and Writer from Grand Rapids, MI.
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  1. I am full of admiration and positive feelings. Very nice, clean and pleasant. All the best for the author.

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