the Art of Analog Mutant – Chester Devils

3 "Chester" Devils

Having found myself between collages, and kind of stuck without a topic to work with, I resorted to the age old trick of folding a piece of paper and cutting out weird shapes in a piece of paper to make a picture or image.

This was something we all did in school to make “snowflakes” for christmas. In fact, the Grand Coney on Michigan St had like 3 million of them hanging from their ceiling this winter, which is where I got the idea of doing something different and trying to get them to hang that up there with all of the “snowflakes” made by kids during breakfasts of omelettes and french toast, or by countless legions of college stoners and middle-aged drunks over coffee and fries at 3 a.m.

Of course my obsessions come into play in all of my visual art! My love of all things japanese plays out in these “Oni” demon masks that I made. There is an unmistakeable luciferian influence in there as well.

Since we were at the Bitter End late one night when I started making these guys, I named them “Chester” devils in honor of Chester Lowe, our friend who holds down the fort late nights. They do bear an unmistakeable resemblance to him both physically and in spirit, as anyone familiar with Chester and his devilish antics and humor will readily attest.

I have used this technique a few times now, creating a small army of weird little cut-out demons and devils, a few robots, and some undiscovered forest critters. Some have made it into finished pieces. A few of my devils from that first night at the Bitter End were pasted into place in some discreet locations, to be discovered at some future date. I hope some eventually does see them, and appreciate them as the little surprises I intended them to be.

some people swear that there really are 2 Scott's out there... guess which one this is...

Maybe they will inspire a little bit of wonder about their mysterious origins?

A little late night coffeehouse art mystery for some future disenfranchised barista to ponder…


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