Analog Mutant Music Review- Thievery Corporation

My next music review for WYCE 88.1FM is on Thievery Corporation

Label/year ESL Music 2010

The 16 tracks on “It Takes a Thief” (on ESL Music) are a retrospective album of the last decade of music by Thievery Corporation. A rotating cast of musicians and singers enrich the collection.  iTunes calls it “electronica” but the songs are your basic formula of verse-chorus-verse, giving them an elemental familiarity that is comforting and accessible to the listener. Much of the album is made by clever use of electronics, synths, keyboards, and samplers, but the human elements pierce thru with unmistakeable soul.

Best Tracks: #1 Amerimacka, #2 Lebanese Blond

FCC Naughty List: NONE

Other points of interest: “Lebanese Blonde,” was used on the Grammy award-winning Garden State Soundtrack, notable guest musicians include Sleepy Wonder, Femi Kuti, and Pam Bricker. Features an exclusive, never before released track “The Passing Stars” featuring Pam Bricker.

Who would like this cd: fans of Death In Vegas, fans of Portishead,


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