Michael Vlatkovich in Grand Rapids

originally a Rapidian article

Jazz trombonist, composer and arranger, Michael Vlatkovich brought his 3 piece band to Grand Rapids on Saturday, October 2 for an intimate concert hosted by Hugo Claudin of Mexicains Sans Frontieres.  The band was also in Michigan for theEdgefest in Ann Arbor, a popular jazz festival in its 14th year.

Staff from Blue Lake Radio attended the show to record the live performance attended by nearly two dozen jazz fans.

The band played two sets in a relaxed atmosphere, telling stories in between songs and answering questions from the attendees. The music, all original compositions, ranged from classic  jazz club arrangements to moments of experimentalist jazz. Accompanied by drummer Damon Short, and Jonathan Golove on 5 string electric cello, Vlatkovich often takes his audience into some near-surrealist territory with odd time signatures, and quirky arrangements.


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