WYCE music review – Lubriphonic- The Gig is On

My next music review for WYCE 88.1FM is on Lubriphonic

Label: Musical Earth

14 tracks of solid bar blues and funk round out the new album “The Gig is On” by the 7 man Chicago band Lubriphonic. Funky bass, in-the-pocket drumming, wah-wah guitars, and a solid horn section fit tightly for a classic, and mostly classy, booty shakin’ soul and blues sound. Ivan Neville adds keys on 5 tracks, including a respectable version of Curtis Mayfield’s “If there’s a hell below”


FCC Naughty List: #2 UNDER THE LINE

Other points of interest: Lubriphonic has toured with Jon Popper, George Clinton, Maceo Parker, and Derek Trucks

Who would like this cd: fans of Parliament/George Clinton, fans of Fishbone’s soul/funk side, people who like to shake some serious booty, fans of Curtis Mayfield



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3 Responses to WYCE music review – Lubriphonic- The Gig is On

  1. Kevin says:

    we just saw Lubriphonic in Philly this past Thurs. WOW – what a creative and cool blend of music. The Lube jams!

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  3. Paul says:

    While I agree with you that this is a damn good recording, I think the best tunes on it are the soul tunes “Coming Together” and the track “Pimp Limp”. The band opened for Widespread Panic in KC and would up sitting in with them. I just streamed the set on Panicstream! Lubriphonic defies classifying. Not blues, funk, soul or jazz. Somehow they take the best of all of them and make their own sound. They are giving away FREE live Lube Sampler at their web site. http://www.lubriphonic.com . Grab some!

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