Picardo;the man, the image, & his world

this post was originally published in the Rapidian

On Wednesday, November 3rd 2010, Thomas M Colley Law School will host caribbean born artist Erick Picardo and his art show Picardo; the man, the image, & his world.The reception is from 6-9pm, and will feature work from the Grand Rapids artists’ most recent paintings.

Utilizing bold techniques and brilliant colors, Picardo draws on childhood memories and inspiration from nature to create his work. The abstract imagery and the variety of colors in his work evoke scenes of luxurious verdant forest, wild animals, and people entangled in the passions of this life. Tempestuous conflicts in some paintings,  a sense of intimate tenderness in others, even a few chaotic and playful moments are captured by Picardo’s brushwork. Elements of mythology and folklore also occupy many of his pieces. The overall effect created is one of the struggle to understand the duality inherent within the human experience.







More of Picardo’s work can be viewed at Pikisito’s and at the upcoming Michoacan exhibit




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