the Art of Analog Mutant: the Tourist

The Tourist is a large collage i completed in one sitting, drinking too much coffee or tea with my wife Jewly in our new apartment in Heritage Hill. This piece is the first one i made in our new studio, so it holds a kind of special spot in my heart for that reason.

It is approximately 20inches wide x 30inches tall. I used a board salvaged from a kitchenette cart left in the building by previous tenants. Most of it is from National Geographic and Traveller magazines, at least 10 – 20 years old. I used a little bit of paint and a marker to blend in the tree where it meets the sky/saturn rings

to me it represents travel…in a more transcendental sense of the word than usually implied…

The tourist has all of his “official” documentation allowing him government sanctioned ¬†access to foreign lands and new experiences…the ever present clock ticking away the moments of his life…. the monochromatic nature of the tourist in contrast with his background is a play on awakening to new horizons (like the scene in Wizard of Oz when she comes out of the house after the tornado) … the way the environment cradles, even protects the tourist implies a womb-like relationship with nature and mankind…all of this is sort of a play on the “sans frontieres” concept in every sense of the term…

a wild and colorful landscape reminds me of what my mind’s eye thinks the Central and South American landscape must look like, albeit romanticized(?) … flowers are a favorite theme in my work for the fragility of life, the whole growth and vitality imagery also…

About analogmutant

art, music, food, movies, citizen journalism, activism, and whatever else i am into at the moment...
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