the Art of Analog Mutant – Smoke Break for a Lab Mouse/Medical Marijuana Research Mouse


smoke break for a lab mouse

Sometimes when we have more than one copy of a magazine, my wife Jewly and i will have a “collage duel”…

We use only that copy of the magazine, and without looking at the other person’s work, create a collage out of it. Afterwards we compare pieces. It is entertaining to see what pieces the other person utilized in their work. Usually we have many of the same elements in our work, or use something that the other person almost used.

“Smoke break for a lab mouse” was one of these “collage duels” from a late night at The Bitter End coffee house in Grand Rapids, mi.

It was interesting to me because it is more playful than most of my work usually is… it kinda ties in with the joke i heard about the lab rabbit that got away, met other WILD rabbits, ate fresh carrots, got some bunny booty, had a GREAT time hanging out with the other rabbits, but in the end he had to go back to the lab because he was just dieing for a smoke.

This premise ties in with the next piece”, made from leftover parts from the experiment with “Smoke Break for a Lab Mouse”. It ties in with the same lab rabbit joke, but with a little twist…


Medical Marijuana Research Mouse







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