WordPress yourself…

In my frustration trying to find a job, I resorted to creating a WordPress about myself… it seemed like a better idea than LinkedIn… since that site isn’t utilized by enough people yet to the point that it has become ubiquitous, like Facebook… and speaking of Facebook… it doesn’t have all my sketchy wierdo artist friends and bands posting their bizarre adventures and off color comments all over the place like Facebook does.

I put my resume on it, as well as links to much of my creative endeavors, like the videos of local artists and musicians. I also included my citizen journalism activities, and my documentaries on GRTV. I figured that these showed me to be a well rounded individual with a creative streak.

I plan on using this WordPress blog as a living resume/wiki on my professional and artistic career paths… I think it is kind of fun to have a history of my creative achievements, events produced, articles written etc. to share with people that would be interested in this kind of thing. It’s one thing to say you’re an artist, a musician, a movie maker…. it’s a different story when you have a resume of your work to show others, and to remind yourself of all the fun things you did and may have almost forgotten about.

Even if it doesn’t land me that much sought after career position, at least I can have some fun in the meantime…


About analogmutant

art, music, food, movies, citizen journalism, activism, and whatever else i am into at the moment...
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