The Fainting Generals: Employee of the Month for Life

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Employee of the Month for Life is the new cd release from The Fainting Generals. Featuring 8 tracks recorded by Matt Ten Clay in Grand Rapids, the disc is the followup to the Fainting Generals debut Everybody Drinks Kombucha in Hell.

The well constructed lyrics are complimented by Juliet Bennet Rylah’s smooth-as-scotch voice, which fluctuates between being sassy and sedative in quality. Piano and keyboard arrangements underlying the vocals combine to create an almost “cabaret” element to the sound and attitude of many of the songs.

The contributions of well-known local musician Chris Lawrence on trumpet also enhance the intimate early jazz vibe evident throughout much of the album. Much of Lawrence’s trumpet work has a very distinct sound found only on some of those early masterpieces of the golden era of jazz.

Even with all of the various influences and inspiration from vintage sources, the album is undeniably a very contemporary sounding affair. Leave no room for doubt; The Fainting Generals know how to rock.

And while the album is a bona fide modern rock album, something about the recording quality, the production values that went into the work, carry a certain classic rock feel in some of the instrumentation. The drum work being a good example of this, having a somewhat airy feel (like many of those 70‘s LP’s rock LP’s) while maintaining a serious level of presence. They come off naturally, rather than from over-compression or monkeying too much with the EQ.

The Fainting Generals have definitely stepped up their game with their 2nd release, delivering a solid and clean recording. But the best way to experience their sound is to catch them live at your favorite local venue. The band is celebrating their cd release Saturday Jan 8th at Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids, with Tokyo Morose and The Boss Mustangs.


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