Unity Magazine’s AMERICAN ROOTS FEST @ Wealthy Theatre Friday Feb 25th

AMERICAN ROOTS FEST at the Wealthy Theatre is a new event being produced by Operation Resources Inc, a non-profit org in Grand Rapids. They operate Unity Magazine, of which my recent post was featured in. Their main goals are to promote unity among the different cultures and to offer opportunities for education to young people trying to better their lives

The Wealthy Street Theatre. Grand Rapids, Michigan

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In addition to my article contributed to the most recent edition of Unity Magazine, I have been contributing in several other ways. Setting up social media, and even a little help organizing the American Roots Fest at the Wealthy Theatre. My wife Jewly is the main force driving this event, and the magazine. She is also the drummer in our band Black Cat Bone. We ill be opening the event on Friday.

Come see us do our thing, and witness some incredible local talent; Badenya (traditional African drum ensemble) Blue Molly (hardest working blues band in Grand Rapids), Hannah Rose and the GravesTones (bluesy, jam band led by a killer voice) and Roosevelt Diggs (the sharpest dressed string band East of the Mississippi) will all be performing as well.

Proceeds go to the Operation Resources Scholarship Fund



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2 Responses to Unity Magazine’s AMERICAN ROOTS FEST @ Wealthy Theatre Friday Feb 25th

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  2. kourtnie says:

    completely cool! i can’t wait to see this live!

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