Earth Day 2009

In 2009 we put together an ambitious Earth Day Art and Music Festival  promoting ART, MUSIC and PLENTY o’ GREEN LIVING. We held it at the Greenville Area Community Center, occupying both levels of the building with art, food, lecturers, and 3 stages of live music.

We needed a suitable venue to debut our documentary “Viva La Veggies;the Local Food Revolution” , an in-depth look at some of the issues surrounding the need to support local agriculture in our own communities. We pulled together corporate sponsorships from the local newspaper, radio, and even a solar  energy manufacturer! We had help from the city government, and a lecture from the Mayor. State Rep Mike Huckleberry came out to speak about his dedication to issues of environment and sustainability.

Many different types of artists displayed their handiwork. Over 30 musical acts came out and showed the community what local music is all about. Randy Merren brought out a hybrid vehicle to educate the public as well.

We recorded a song for Gloria Coon, the opening act for the main stage. The song was played in conjunction with a pre-recorded interview with Gloria to promote the event on 106.3FM WGLM.  It was also in heavy rotation in the weeks leading up to the show.

Jewly and I were interviewed by the Greenville Daily News staff, as well as the Lakeview News. The event also led to another interview later in the summer, featuring some of the projects that Jewly and I were working on in Greenville.

The entire event was a gigantic success by all accounts. Estimates of up to 500 attendees, and a substantial profit from the show caught the attention of the city. Many people told us that this was the sort of thing Greenville needed, especially after all of the recent troubles and negative attention the city had.

Our plans for a 2010 fest never materialized due to many changes recently. Jewly left her job working for the City of Greenville. We moved to Grand Rapids, started a band, and got really into our new work as artists. We are getting active in community journalism through the Grand Rapids Community Media Centerthe Rapidian, and our own modest blog site Analog Mutant. Even though we are focused on other interests these days, we still think about similar events we will do in the future. Stay tuned for details


About analogmutant

art, music, food, movies, citizen journalism, activism, and whatever else i am into at the moment...
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