UICA Nosh Night (May5th 2011)

The UICA hosted Nosh Night on Thursday May 5th, 2011. Themed as an “art swap”, the event attracted artists and aficionados, many of whom brought a piece of art to trade during the event. Attendees who brought art to trade were given a raffle ticket that entitled them to choose a piece of art once their name was drawn.

Many of the people exchanged stories of how they decided what pieces of art to bring for trade. One of the common themes was art that was leftover from previous relationships. Some people talked about how they had outgrown the pieces they had brought, that their perceptions of the art had changed over time, or that the art didn’t fit in their lives quite the same way it once had. One attendee had bought a painting from an admired artist, who later contributed to problems at his wife’s workplace. The painting ended up sitting in the back of a closet for the last two years.

2 art enthusiasts proudly showing of the new art scored at Nosh Night @ the UICA

For many attendees, Nosh Night was a perfect opportunity to send a work of art to a decent new home where it would be appreciated.

What the Truck provided gourmet tacos in honor of Cinco de Mayo, which many people accompanied with a select micro-brew from the cash bar.

emcee for NOSH NIGHT @ UICA

True to the UICA’s description of the event, the emcee for the evening was a glamorous drag queen, wrapped in purple feathers and crowned with a hairdo featuring an abundance of tropical colors. Drawing the raffle tickets from a jar and calling out the names of the people entitled to their choice of the evenings offerings, she cracked jokes with the attendees and did a respectable job of reigning in the chaos.

"What the Truck" provided the best veggie tacos ever

Afterwards, people proudly showed off their newly acquired art to each other. Some joked about their strategies to score just the right piece of art when their ticket was drawn, or how they had been denied the object of their desire when another lucky person was called first.

In addition to Nosh Night, the UICA featured art currently on display as part of the last exhibits at the Sheldon St. location.

The UICA moves to its new location at the southwest corner of Division St and Fulton St in July 2011


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