West Michigan PRIDE FEST

Jewly and I attended the West Michigan PRIDE FEST in Riverside Park this saturday, wanting to see local electro-pop duo Alexis. The Rapidian has a good article about the event, some actual facts and info you may find interesting.

We both really like Alexis, having seen them play at Mexicains Sans Frontieres and Festival of the Arts 2011, a well as hearing them on WYCE 88.1FM.

I managed to shoot a few videos of the band. Jewly shot some video as well, and a ton of photos. The crowd really got into the music, singing along, dancing, having a great time.  It was nice to see the band again, and in front of such a receptive audience. A lot of people we know from GR’s art and music scene were there to catch the show.

There was a lot of the the typical food and vendor booths that you’d expect from any small festival you would normally attend, as well as a few that were targeted specifically for the event. Some christian and buddhist outreach, a recall Gov Rick Snyder, and a few pet focused vendors (premium healthy food for pets etc), some jewelry etc…

One of the things that I found most interesting was the amount of the crowd that were family, as in bringing the little ones …and even a few dogs! The kids seemed to be having as much fun as the adults. They really liked the Drag Queen competition. Seeing the little kids dancing and feeling the excitement of the show as their parents sit nearby was a pretty cool experience. It was nice to see that aspect of life in regards to the LGBT community

I typically think of the handful of openly gay friends I know, 20 – 30 something artist or musician types we see at Founders or Mexicains Sans Frontieres or Sparrows Tea and Newstand, people constantly in motion, running to the next fun event the same as Jewly and I are (our kids only visit every 2 weeks, so we have tons of free time for fun adult stuff)… I don’t typically think of these friends as waking up early  to send the kids to school…change diapers….make someone eat their vegetables… so it was something of a reality check to realize just how many people in this community were actually family oriented … certainly more so than I am.

And that is something I think other people should see…it might humanize the  LGBT community for some people… if they could see firsthand that “those people” are committed to their families and loved ones as much or more as everybody else, then  how can anybody be against equality and love and people having families?


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  5. Well done.. I hope many get to read it..

  6. xxxtube says:

    Excellent Blog !!!!

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