Broken Mirror Baby by Alejandra O’Leary; Analog Mutant Music Review

Broken Mirror Baby is the latest release (2011) by Alejandra O’Leary. Recorded at Hollow Body Studios in Boston MA, the eight tracks on the album definitely have influences in 1960’s pop rock in their arrangements (“more than a hint of the 1960’s girl group” according to Hubbub UK), as well as in much of the chosen instrumentation. At times the layering technique of the background vocals invoke that shimmering quality you hear on old LP’s from artists like the Beach Boys, Leslie Gore or the Shangri La’s.

Broken Mirror Baby by Alejandra O'Leary debuts Sept 3rd 2011

Much of the sound of Broken Mirror Baby owes plenty to the past. Track number two, “K.Y.O.”, features an intro reminiscent of the break down in Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”. Tons of the guitar work was undeniably inspired by half of the classic rock albums frequently found in any self-respecting musician’s collection.

A heavy “brit-pop” quality is also an integral part of O’Leary’s sound, as described by NYC blog Heavier Than Air . Influences from bands like Elastica, Oasis, and even the Smiths can be heard in fleeting moments throughout the album.

Alejandra O’Leary will be returning to Grand Rapids to perform a live set as part of the Pekich Park Concert Series on Friday August 26, 2011.


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