Van’s Donut & Coffee Shop: Analog Mutant review

Van’s  Pastry Shop @ 956 E Fulton St (near Diamond St) is a swank little coffee & donut shop of the old school persuasion. In fact, you feel kind of like you’ve stepped into a time warp when you walk thru the doors. The classic mid-century americana facade, the neon sign, the model cars and vintage cookie jars on display all add up to a nostalgic experience.

This ain’t no Starbuck’s by any means. You can get coffee, and maybe a hot chocolate if your lucky. they have donuts, not scones. You can get a hot dog or a hamburger for cheap. That’s about the extent of it… cheap, fast, honest…. like something out of an old movie… definitely a cool little spot to hit in G.R.

It’s right next to an Indian restaurant, some cool antiques shops, an art gallery, and a crazy store that sells weird house plants. This is a cool neighborhood that you should make the trip to sometime soon. Make it a priority to stop here next time you hit the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market


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3 Responses to Van’s Donut & Coffee Shop: Analog Mutant review

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  2. Alexandra says:

    i love cute little local cafes. there’s nothing like a big slice of homestyle!


    • analogmutant says:

      it’ always great to discover these weird little places… my fav was the Swedish Pimpernell… a little diner in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that has a millikon old cuckoo clocks on the walls… very surreal, and kitschy and unique….you can buy the clocks too!

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