‘The revolution begins in your wallet’

MLive.com frequently gathers reader comments from controversial articles (i.e. state government taking Bridge Card benefits away from students).

Today they used some of my comments on an article about the Occupy Wall St protests coming to Grand Rapids.  They even liked my phrase ‘The revolution begins in your wallet’ so much that they used it as the title of the article.

Non-property Owning Commie Bastard
 believes people don’t have to show up to Calder Plaza or Wall Street to protest.

the REAL REVOLUTION will occur… at the portals where the $$$ is sucked out of our pockets…. if you don’t give them your money in the first place you are not telling them it is ok to continue screwing us out of a future…. the revolution begins in your wallet – Scott Warren

I feel like we as a culture have proven ourselves to be a bunch of dumb asses.

Revolution Begins in Your Wallet” means that we as individuals take responsibility for our actions and the message that we are sending to the rest of the world. It is not okay to reward oil companies, drug companies, technology companies, companies like Bank of America or Monsanto, that are poisoning the well for future generations.

If every single person in America actually thought about their purchases, the consequences of giving money (votes) to corporations that are NOT acting in the public’s best interests things can change.

Wall St can effectively IGNORE these protests as long as the money keeps flowing. If every single American spent $10, $20, $30 less per week (“sacrifice” a few lattes or NOT get that iPhone 4S), week after week…. profits would drop, CEO’s would sweat, things would change with a little time and pressure …

visit Facebook more information about the Occupy Grand Rapids campaign


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