Occupy Grand Rapids meets the Grand Rapids Police Dept 10-10-11

Originally posted on the Rapidian

Grand Rapids Police Department’s Captain Dan Savage and a supporting officer met with Occupy Grand Rapids protestors at Ah-Nab-Awen Park at 7:45pm October 10th, 2011. The purpose of the visit by the police officers was to inform the protestors of the city of Grand Rapids’ ordinances regarding park occupancy hours and camping regulations, and how they applied to the Occupy Grand Rapids protest activities.

The officers clearly explained the ordinances in question and informed the protestors that they would allow the protestors enough time to gather their belongings and leave the park before police would attempt any further actions to enforce applicable city ordinances.

The group affirmed that they understood the request of the police, but refrained from engaging in any further discussion. As previously discussed and agreed upon during the general assembly process, protestors chose to continue with their plan of action; Comply with the police request to vacate the park, and relocate to a temporary headquarters to discuss logistics in regards to continuing their presence in the downtown area.

Local activists and two local television news crews filmed the meeting between police and protestors.

below: excerpts from two other recent releases by Analog Mutant

Local artist and activist Scott Warren released video of Occupy Grand Rapids protestors marching through downtown Grand Rapids on their way to Calder Plaza. Approximately 50 demonstrators carried signs and chanted protest slogans expressing their dissatisfaction with the current state of American politics. Local and independent media representative were on location to document the activities of the approximately 350 protestors that descended upon Calder Plaza on Saturday October 8th, 2011.

The march and occupation of pubic space in Grand Rapids is a demonstration in solidarity with the Occupy Wall St protest currently underway. Multiple Occupy movements are spreading across the country in response to events unfolding in New York City.

Video of 10-08-2011 Occupy Grand Rapids general assembly reading of the NYC statement. According to reports on MLive.com there were about 350 attendees present during the early stages of the event


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