99 acts of revolution in 2012; number 1 Winter Biking

English: Voltairine de Cleyre

Voltairine de Cleyre

I am not the type of person who makes New Year’s resolutions. They frequently are meaningless… or selfish… or not sustainable… or just plain stupid.

This year however, I am making a resolution. Or more precisely, 99 resolutions. Events of the past year have inspired me, awakened my conciousness, tuned me in to a few new wavelengths. I have grown, educated myself a little, been inspired by the huge efforts of the little people that I am priviledged to encounter.

It is by the examples of others struggling to make positive change in this world that I recognize that I too have a role to play in making change happen.  It is by the small victories, the numerous tiny acts of rebellion that I can set an example for others. This is the year, 2012, that I will endeavor to commit 99 acts of rebellion, both big and small. In solidarity with We the People, the 99percent.

Whle I can appreciate the beauty in a good Molotav Cocktail, the kind of acts of rebellion that I am talking about are somewhat more constructive, positive in their nature.

 I will make flyers, music, movies and protest signs. I will choose to NOT spend my money on products that harm the environment, or further impoverish people in 3rd world countries. I will tell everyone I know to buy organic food. I will walk instead of drive my car whenever possible. I will attend as many protests as I can possibly make it to. I will organize a protest of my own. I will turn my bike into a “pirate ship” and sail the seas/streets of Grand Rapids wreaking havoc and chaos upon the bouroisie bankers and ceo’s. Think of the fear, or at least the confusion, that they’ll experience when they see the black flag and the cardboard’ “canons” approaching on their starboard bow!

In short, I will make the effort to make change. I will take stock of my victories, so that I may serve as an example for others. And I will learn from my failures (because they’re inevitably going to spring up at the worst of times!) so that I may grow and learn from them.

99 Acts of Revolution in 2012: #1 Winter Biking

In the spirit of revolution, it is sometimes necessary to suffer in the attempts to attain victory. Today, Jan 3rd, 2012 was such an occasion of suffering for the cause. 

Despite the fact that it was a mere 17 degress, and that the streets in my neightborhood are covered in a thick layer of chunky ice, I boarded my ship, the S.S. Voltairine de Cleyre (a.k.a. my 2008 Gary Fisher Marlin) and set sail on a southerly direction to destinations unknown (or more precisely, to my job at 44th St & Broadmoor)

It sucked. I was sliding everywhere, barely maintaning upright balance, or the ability to stop when needed. Huge chunks of ice threatened to topple me, the wind bit through my gloves and coat. But I did it anyways. I burned a few calories (and hopefully kept me a tiny bit healtheir in the long run!). I saved a gallon of gas. I kept some harmful pollutants out of the environment. And most importantly, I was successful.

I count this as only one act of revolution, even though I will make the journey hundreds of times this year, in all kinds of weather, good and bad.

One down, 98 to go.


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4 Responses to 99 acts of revolution in 2012; number 1 Winter Biking

  1. Zac Brennan says:

    I dig it. Lucky I found this early, though I still have some catching up to do.


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