David Cobb of Move to Amend visits Grand Rapids

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On Thursday January 12th, 2012,  Fountain St Church will host David Cobb of Move to Amend as the next event in the Duncan Littlefair Great Speaker Series. Local representatives of Move to Amend and Occupy Grand Rapids are also co-hosting the event, focused on discussing the reasons for separating corporate money from politics.

 David Cobb will speak on the key issues of the Move to Amend campaign, an organized nationwide effort to create a 28th amendment to the US Constitution that addresses two serious legal issues threatening democracy in America; Corporate personhood and money being considered free speech.

Cobb will discuss how the proposed amendment abolishesthe concept of corporate personhood, or the legal fiction that corporations are people, and therefore have the same rights as people (often at the expense of actual people). The Supreme Court has made a series of controversial decisions over the last 125 years that critics see as cumulatively having an eroding effect on individual freedoms and the collective rights of communities in favor of corporate interests.  Environmental protection, occupational safety and labor rights, food and drug safety, consumer protection, and regulation of finance are just a few examples of the many  ways in which corporate personhood has negatively impacted the lives of millions of people in this country and abroad.

Grand Rapids "make room for progress" by Scott Warren

The concept of money being considered equivalent to free speech has had massive impacts on politics in the U.S., essentially allowing corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money to politicians. The lack of transparency in campaign finance and congressional lobbying obscures the true motivations of politicians who have become financially dependent upon corporate donations in order to remain financially competitive with other candidates for re-election. The current atmosphere in American politics has become that of the perpetual campaign season, where elected officials focus more energy and time on appealing to prospective campaign financiers than conducting the actual work that benefits the citizens of their district.

Occupy Grand Rapids

In addition to the grass-roots efforts to support an amendment to the US Constitution on a national level, citizens across the United States have been taking steps to address these important issues on a local level. City government in both Los Angeles and New York City have adopted resolutions declaring that corporations are not people. The state of Montana has recently reinstated their ban on corporate campaign contributions. This is seen by many as a major step in forcing the Supreme Court to address the issues by accepting the inevitable corporate-initiated legal challenges opposing the ban

for more information:

David Cobb/Move to Amend at Fountain St Church

7pm Thursday January 12th, 2012

24 Fountain St. NE, Grand Rapids, MI

Cost: absolutely FREE!

Hosted by: Fountain St ChurchOccupy Grand Rapids, and Move to Amend

Members of Occupy Grand Rapids and Move to Amend are scheduled to discuss this event and the issues surrounding corporate personhood on Paleo Radio a locally produced talk show about politics, religion and culturehosted by Jeremiah Bannisteron 95.3FM & 1680AM at 3pm-6pm on Wednesday January 11th.

Paleo Radio 95.3FM & 1680AM in Grand Rapids MI

Anybody wishing to participate in the discussion can do so by calling 616-656-1680 or by visiting the livestream channel online.


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