99 Acts of Revolution in 2012: #8 Write a letter

As part of my new year’s resolution to commit to 99 acts of revolution (big & small), I bring you action # 8 Write a Letter.  As you may know by now, Rush Limbaugh created quite the stir this past week merely by being his normal fascist self.

He called a woman “slut” and “prostitute” and made some other douchebag remarks that were basically incredibly disrespectful towards woman…all because she spoke out in favor of the rights of women to have autonomy over their own bodies… its not really a surprise to anyone that the mouthpiece of the Republican Hate Machine would spew this kind of crap out his foodhole… since that’s pretty much what Rush and the GOP are all about.

Despite Mr Limbaugh’s half-assed apology (in response to losing several sponsors), NOW (Grand Rapids) and Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy are holding a protest at the Clear Channel/WOOD Radio office at 77 Monroe Center in downtown Grand Rapids on Wednesday March 7th 2012. The goal of this protest is to force WOOD to take  Rush Limbaugh off of the air in Grand Rapids.

GRIID’s site invites the public to also write an email or letter to WOOD Radio station manager Tim Feagan at his email address: TimFeagan@clearchannel.com

Business Line: 616-459-1919
STUDIO: 616-774-2424
TOLL FREE: 1-866-290-BUZZ (2899)
NEWSROOM: 616-458-9663

Read more: http://www.woodradio.com/common/Contact#ixzz1oBrAPzIU

Below is my email to Mr Feagan. I am using this opportunity to generate an article for the Rapidian about the protest. I am waiting for his reply. If he does reply, I will include it in my story, which will be included in the Opinion category of the Rapidian.

Hello Mr Feagan

I am writing to request a statement from you in regards to the efforts to get Rush Limbaugh off of the air in Grand Rapids. 
I am writing an article about this for the Rapidian.org, a hyper-local citizen journalism endeavor of the Community Media Foundation. If you are unfamiliar with the Rapidian (monthly views of approx 10,000), they are considered by cities across the globe as  a model of community sourced, citizen journalism. San Francisco CA and several other major cities recently have considered projects based on the example set by the Rapidian. I will be publishing my story Monday night, and would like to provide you with the opportunity to respond with your side of the story to maintain balance in my article. Would you please take a moment of your valuable time to respond to my questions below?
#1 Would you please tell me your station’s position on the recent statements made by Mr Limbaugh in regards to Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke? 
#2 Do you have any comments or position on the statements by Mr. Limbaugh using terms like “slut” or “prostitute” to reference a  young lady? Some people would make the argument that Ms Fluke sets a positive role model for other women by diligently working to obtain a degree, and also by taking an active role in our democratic process. 
#3 Do you believe that Mr Limbaugh’s language is appropriate to describe a fellow American citizen engaged in their free speech rights? Does your station regularly provide this type of commentary about people working to achieve change through the democratic process or exercise their free speech rights? Could you provide examples of instances in the past where such has been the case? 
#4 is this a partisan based attack, or is it objective in nature? It would be especially helpful if you could provide examples of instances of this type of language applied  to people of similar conservative views as Mr Limbaugh to illustrate this point.
#5 Will you be removing Mr Limbaugh’s show from your programming? Could you explain why?
Thank you for your time and efforts. I sincerely appreciate it. Also, please feel free to add anything else in regards to this issue that you feel is important to contribute to the discussion.
Scott Warren – Citizen Journalist

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2 Responses to 99 Acts of Revolution in 2012: #8 Write a letter

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  2. femination says:

    Thanks for posting useful and pragmatic info about this, like who and where to call to get this buffoon off the air, soon. Activism and citizen journalism work!

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