Tatsuya Nakatani at Mexicains Sans Frontieres


I recently had the priveledge of witnessing Tatsuya Nakatani at Mexicains Sans Frontieres. His avant garde percussion performance was impressive to say the least…


His performance utilised 3 massive gongs, a smaller (18inch?) gong, some prayer bowls, a few misc. objects and a kick/snare/tom combo all assembled in a cirlce formation. Nakatani also used his hand-made bows to vibrate the edges of the gongs to create a sort of hell-bent theremin effect that was impressively powerful.

At times Nakatani was nearly serene in his patient coaxing of the gongs, seducing them to reveal their inner voices. Alternately,  he raged in  a manic, elemental fit as he wrangled unruly drums and assorted objects in primordial battle, imposing his willpower of his disobedient array of instruments



The low rumble of the gongs permeated our bodies, and left such an impression that several people asked about where he placed his mic/effects pedals… there were none, the performance was entirely acoustic!  The sound waves were nearly palpable as they emanated in every direction. His orientation of instruments in relation to the loft space of MSF was spot on.



I got the impression that he wasn’t too keen on being video’d for this performance, but I did manage to capture a series of photos to share here.



Afterwards, Mr Nakatani patiently answered our questions about his gongs, his techniques, the unusual custom bows that he makes for using on his gongs, and where his tour was taking him next.

I managed to score 3 cd’s from him. One was a solo performance of one track (57minutes of perfect improvization!), while another was a collaboration with a japanese flutist. This second disc I found to have a very haunting, ethereal quality about the entire recording. The 3rd I have not had the chance to spin yet… but plan on taking with me on the mp3 player on my next trip to the gym.



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