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Remnants of Route 66; the Collage Art of Jewly Warren

The collage art of Jewly Warren depicts 50’s pop culture in an absurd mashup of surrealist slapstick americana Continue reading

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the DNA of a City

I was also keenly aware of the fact that sometime in the distant “future”, in a time where I couldn’t possibly fathom all of the radical social changes and stunning technological innovations that make up someone else’s commonplace “now”, some lonely kid would be discovering some long-forgotten artifact left by me somewhere in a filthy old warehouse or in the ground behind his parents’ garage.

Maybe this item would be a time capsule reaching out from a bygone era to unlock a hidden mystery for the future. Would this knowledge be transmitted like DNA to the next generation, only to further propel the ages old mysterious origins of this town onward for future generations? Continue reading

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Equality Michigan in Grand Rapids

update: Michael Gregor of Equality Michigan was kind enough to forward this pdf guide for writing about LGBT issues.  Michael points out my use of “sexual preference” in this article as being incorrect, even potentially offensive. I have edited it … Continue reading

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