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Vuela Grito: Picardo celebrates 25 years as an international artist

Picardo explained to me the meaning behind the name of his recent show, Vuela Grito. “It means to yell or scream loudly, from deep within your soul,… from a kind of spiritual place”

That’s not a real surprise if you already know him. Much about Picardo’s body of work suggests a certain sensitivity, or a sense of self-awareness in regards to the existential forces in nature, and within our own lives. Picardo’s passionate visual narratives are openly apparent in his use of vibrant colors, bold and seductive lines and shading, and sensual shapes. His sense of humility, and a genuine interest in meaningfully connecting on a deeper level with the viewer, serves as a perfect balance to temper his vision into something so readily appealing to so many people.
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Analog Mutant movie review: 2501 Migrants: A Journey

2501 Migrants: A Journey, is the story of Alejandro Santiago, an artist from Teococuilco, a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico, and a small group of friends working on his ranch to create an homage to the numerous migrants that leave Mexico year after year to find a better life in the United States. Continue reading

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