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Vuela Grito: Picardo celebrates 25 years as an international artist

Picardo explained to me the meaning behind the name of his recent show, Vuela Grito. “It means to yell or scream loudly, from deep within your soul,… from a kind of spiritual place”

That’s not a real surprise if you already know him. Much about Picardo’s body of work suggests a certain sensitivity, or a sense of self-awareness in regards to the existential forces in nature, and within our own lives. Picardo’s passionate visual narratives are openly apparent in his use of vibrant colors, bold and seductive lines and shading, and sensual shapes. His sense of humility, and a genuine interest in meaningfully connecting on a deeper level with the viewer, serves as a perfect balance to temper his vision into something so readily appealing to so many people.
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Local Music Review: “Softer Sticks” by Chain of Lakes

On Saturday, May 4th 2013, Grand Rapids MI band Chain of Lakes releases their newest album, “Softer Sticks”. Continue reading

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Lou Shields and the high science of low fidelity

Another aspect of Lou Shields’ music that is notable is his combination of primitive percussion and loose sense of timing or phrasing. The harshness of the slide bottle clashing on guitar strings, a kick drum pedal pounding heartbeat rhythms on a 5 gallon bucket, broken skateboard decks stacked with rusty license plates and bolted on bottlecaps. Its the sound of an old Model T falling apart as it winds down a mountain road. A lineman’s tool belt falling off a ladder. The jailer’s keys striking the tumblers on the cell door locks. Continue reading

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Tatsuya Nakatani at Mexicains Sans Frontieres

I recently had the priveledge of witnessing Tatsuya Nakatani at Mexicains Sans Frontieres. His avant garde percussion performance was impressive to say the least…

His performance utilised 3 massive gongs, a smaller (18inch?) gong, some prayer bowls, a few misc. objects and a kick/snare/tom combo all assembled in a cirlce formation. Nakatani also used his hand-made bows to vibrate the edges of the gongs to create a sort of hell-bent theremin effect that was impressively powerful. Continue reading

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Chain of Lakes EP Kind of Quiet – Analog Mutant Music Review

The overall sound of Kind of Quiet is earthy and honest, and it definitely carries that certain essence, that definitive sound that is unmistakably a homegrown vibe. Occupying a place all its own somewhere between county, folk, and coffee house rock, the music of Chain of Lakes shares a unifying sensibility similar to the work coming out of several of the rising stars on our West Michigan scene right now. Kyle Rasche as successfully captured that feeling, internalized it, distilled it down to its essential elements, and incorporated it into his own unique vision.

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Pekich Park Concert Series; building a community through action

Pekich Park on Division St in Grand Rapids is definitely a landmark in the city of Grand Rapids. What was once just an ordinary street corner was recently turned into a “pocket park”by the city in an effort to improve the area while doing some much needed construction improvements at the intersection of Division and Oakes. Many people had high hopes for the area, which in recent years was suffering economically. Community members were actively working to turn the area’s bad reputation around. Continue reading

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To All My Dear Friends – interview video

The next day Marc and I took a little walk around downtown Grand Rapids. I gave him my official tour of downtown as we shot scenes for the interview in different locations.

I got Marc to tell me a little about his recording process, how he sets up his songs, a little about the technical difficulties of recording music when utilizing extensive looping the way he does. He told me about his custom violin amp, and his modified Peavey blues amp, and how using a bass pedal on the electric violin creates some interesting tones. Continue reading

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